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Preparing Your Dancers for a Performance: 5 Strategies

For a dancer, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of stepping onstage to perform. Full of anticipation, a dancer will look out over the awaiting audience as the first few notes of music begin to fill the air—music that the dancer has come to know like the back of their hand thanks to hours of practice. The lights come up, the dancer assumes their first position, and then they dazzle the crowd. 

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This is the ultimate self-care guide for dance teachers.

The Ultimate Self-Care Guide for Dance Teachers

Congrats, dance teacher! You made it through 2021! That special time at the beginning of each new year has a bright and shiny quality to it; it beckons to us - full of promises, hope, fresh ideas, and motivation. After the past two years, most of us are craving inspiration and motivation again. The uncertainties of 2020 and 2021 have made it difficult to plan for anything, much less feel excited about any future plans. 

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